Heavy Duty

We pride ourselves on handling even the most challenging of recoveries. Our tow specialists are trained problem solvers, making no incident too difficult.

Our fleet of trucks will go where ever your equipment needs rescuing, anytime of day.  We know when your vehicle is down, so is your business. Our heavy-duty tow trucks can tow most large vehicles and equipment including: tractor-trailers, dump trucks, fire and emergency vehicles, construction equipment, fork lifts, motor homes, buses and boats, and then some.

Our 14-ton Medium Duty Wrecker is available from anything from cars to trucks. The truck has the proper equipment for minor roadside repairs, as well as, winch-outs, roll-overs and all other recoveries for any vehicle in a tough situation.

Our 25-ton Heavy Duty Wrecker also has the needed and required equipment for recovery, safety and towing whether it be a casualty or  break-down.

Our 75-ton Rotator & Crane is available 24/7 for any heavy rescue or recovery as well as light and medium duty. It also has towing capabilities of the casualty. It may also be used in difficult to handle traffic situations where the versatility of the crane makes the recovery more efficient or for vehicles and equipment that are in precarious positions and/or need to be moved/towed. This service is available to any and all customers.

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